Barbara Busse, R.N., B.S.N., F.A.A.M.

  Barbara Busse is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in 1982. Her training and work experience in nursing laid a perfect Foundation of knowledge in how medications and health problems or illness can affect wound or tissue healing (very important in the success of permanent cosmetic procedures).

   Barbara provided wound care from burns, illnesses, surgery and injury & witnessed the healed results. 
She became very excited to learn how permanent cosmetic camouflage could further restore the injured skin to a more normal appearance.
   A much-added bonus is that permanent makeup brow, eyeliner and mad lip procedures can also restore the color that God gave us and time has faded!

  Clients express appreciation for the convenience and time saved by having permanent cosmetics.

   With a background in applying topical make up for normal wear, photography and stage,
Barbara is experienced in how appropriately laced and applied color can open up a face,
 give a younger appearance or more pleasant expression.

  Permanent cosmetics are the perfect blend of artistry, Scientific Knowledge & Technical Skill.

  Barbara completed her permanent make up training at the Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics in New Jersey. 

  She received Advanced Certification in camouflage Micropigmentation from the Beau Institute with Rose Marie Beauchemin, Elizabeth Finch and Patti Pavlik of California.  She has been trained in all traditional coil, rotary pen and manual methods.

   Barbara travels to workshops and conventions around the country to provide her clients with
state of the art technology and the latest in effective permanent cosmetic techniques.

   Barbara is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and a fellow of the
American Academy of Micropigmentation and is Board Certified.

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